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This weeks guest post is done by my friend Hannah! I was blessed to meet Hannah about 7 months ago when I walked into Buckle to basically beg them to hire me. Thankfully, Hannah liked me instantly too, so she told them to hire me immediately. She is 23 and living in Nashville with her best friend from high school 3+ hours away from her family. In the short time I have known her I have learned she has one of the purest hearts I have ever known. She loves people with such compassion, almost always loving on them more than herself. She believes wholeheartedly in true love. Which is something her generation really doesn't focus on too much. I am having her talk about being single in her generation, moving to a new city alone at such a young age, and what it is like to date in a completely digital world! I know y'all will love her as much as I do and if you love what she says you can start a discussion here, or find her on instagram! (hannah__morse)

1. When you were younger what did you think your life would look like at this age?

When I was younger I had many dreams of what my life would look like at this age. I always thought I’d be traveling the world making music (thats funny now because I have the worst case of stage fright). When I got a little bit older I always thought id be married at this point, working on starting a family.

2. How has it been navigating dating in this digital world?

Dating in this generation honestly sucks because its based off hookup culture whether that’s from online relationships or going to the bars, its like people you meet have the expectation that you’re going to end up at their house together, or your own, and that’s not something I like doing. Personally I hate online dating because you cant pick up on someones intentions or energy through a phone screen. When it comes to online dating too its either a movie at someones house which isn’t a good escape or going to get drinks. And those dates are just boring. Needless to say my dating life is non existent at the moment and i’m totally okay with that because I won’t settle for anything less than I know I deserve.

3. What do you think is the biggest challenge of dating in a big city?

You know Nashville is known as a big city but it’s kind of funny how small it actually is, outside of all the tourist. Theres a handful of different friend groups I’ve met and they all seem to know each other too. I think the biggest challenge is finding your people who share the same interests and values as you.

4. Do you think there are any positives to online dating? If yes, what? If no, why?

Oh I do for sure. My brother met his girlfriend on tinder and I see them getting married some day. And one of my best friends found her fiancé on a dating site and their relationship is so inspiring to never settle. I think the best thing when starting online dating is to really have no expectations, that’s where I personally struggle with it.

5. You moved from Texas to Tennessee without your friends/family, did you find it challenging to make friends?

Oh yes of course, I think making friends in a new place is scary territory. But I also think everything happens for a reason and God places people in your life at the right time for a reason, whether that reason is a lesson or a blessings time can only tell. My advice for that first big move is just keep an open mind.

6. What advice would you give to other singles that have moved from home and are struggling to make genuine connections with friends and dating?

I think it’s very important to be confident in who you are while being alone for a little while, and just find your grounds and to find your favorite coffee shop and grocery store. Just be yourself, smile at randoms and make casual conversations, you also never know who needs that in their life too. You’ll attract those new friends just by being yourself and knowing who you are.

7. How did you make friends in a new city during the Pandemic?

Most of my friends I have I met at music festivals years before, they all just ended up back in Nashville during the pandemic, a blessing to me. People underestimate the friendships concerts can bring, I’m so thankful they’re back.

8. What advice would you give someone who is struggling with homesickness?

Find something that’s familiar to home. Something my mom let me keep was her favorite blanket and if I’m ever missing her too much I use it. My moms funny though, if I tell her I need a hug she’s at my door within 6 hours. I feel like homesickness is more based on the people who feel like home rather than a place.

9. Do you have standards for the type of relationship you want and do you think it's better for women to stick to those standards or let them go?

Each relationship you go through you learn something new about who you want as a partner and about yourself as well. I thought I was going to marry my high school sweetheart but now that I’ve grown my standards have changed and I’m not that same person I was a couple years ago. But its okay for your standards to change as you go through different experiences. I do hold on to some of those standards I had a while back but I think it’s better to go into relationships open minded.

10. How do you navigate a full time job, making time for your friends, dating, and finding time to visit your family? What advice do you have for others struggling to do this?

Having a weird schedule can be difficult at times but the answer is always say yes. I’m that yes friend even if that means I get 3 hours of sleep and have to work the next day, its worth it when I get quality time with my people (thats my love language so I’ve gotta make it work somehow). Normally if I get two days off in a row i’ll go see my parents because they don’t live too far, my dad works here sometimes so seeing him and getting dinner with him is easier. Honestly not having a plan for things seems to be my way. My best advice is to go with the flow and always say yes.


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