Wednesday Christmas Movies

Santy, Twinkle has been a real help, the sleigh is coming together. Twinkle helped put on

those things at the bottom of the sleigh. You should have seen him, he put a helmet on and

was holding this strangle wand with candy canes on it, this thing that made a lot of sparks.

Little Rascal and Benny Blue were trying to catch the sparks that were flying all over the place.

Twinkle wiggled his ears and snapped his fingers as they both caught a spark that turned into

a cup of hot chocolate with a candy cane in it. Little Rascal and Benny Blue were now trying to

wiggle their ears and snap their fingers, but they kept falling down, they couldn’t get their ears

to wiggle. They now wanted to wear a helmet also, so Twinkle gave them football helmets and

of course they were Ravens helmets. On the helmets was the naughty list. Guess who was the

first person on the naughty list - John Harbaugh? While the boys were sitting in the sleigh drinking

their hot chocolate, Twinkle touched the curly part on his elf shoes, wiggled his ears, touched buttons

1 and 3 on his coat, tuned his hat inside out and winked at the boys, and it started to snow….

Christmas Shows for Wednesday, December 8

6:00 - HMM: Christmas Tree Lane

6:00 - Lifetime: A Sweet Christmas Romance

6:00 - Hallmark: Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater

7:00 - UP: Christmas Beneath the Stars

7:00 - CMT: Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special

7:30 - FreeForm: Dr. Seuss’ the Grinch

8:00 - CW: Christmas Around the World

8:00 - ABC: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

8:00 - AMC: Christmas Vacation

8:00 - OWN: A Sisterly Christmas

8:00 - HMM: Our Christmas Journey

8:00 - Lifetime: Christmas with a Crown

8:00 - Hallmark: Crown for Christmas

8:30 - ABC: Toy Story that Time Forgot

9:00 - UP: Christmas on the Coast

9:00 - CMT: A Tennessee Kind of Christmas

9:30 - FreeForm: The Nightmare before Christmas

10:00 - OWN: Baking Christmas

10:00 - HMM: A Joyous Christmas

10:00 - Lifetime: Miracle in Motor City

10:00 - Hallmark: Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday

10:15: AMC: Christmas Vacation


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