Tuesday Christmas Shows

Hey Santy, thanks for sending that elf (twinkle) yesterday, who knew you had to have that

what you call it to make the nail gun work, but it sure is noisy. Benny Blue kept trying

to shoot nails into the firewood and Little Rascal was drawing up plans on how the

sleigh should look. Little Rascal is also working on a plan for us to get reindeer. Benny Blue

is the muscle and Little Rascal is the brains that are going to get up to the north pole. Santy,

next time can you please send a elf that isn’t as angry as me. Twinkle was really an angry with

Harbaugh, he said that stupid call going for two cost him the Elf weekly football pool.

Christmas Shows for Tuesday, December 7

6:00 - AMC: Four Christmases

6:00 - HMM: One December Night

6:00 - Disney: Christmas…Again?

6:00 - Lifetime: Lonestar Christmas

6:00 - Hallmark: Heart of the Holidays

6:15 - FreeForm: A Christmas Carol

7:00 - UP: Christmas on 5th Avenue

7:00 - Nick: A Loud House Christmas

8:00 - HMM: The Christmas Train

8:00 - Lifetime: Christmas Movie Magic

8:00 - Hallmark: Next Stop, Christmas

8:20 - FreeForm: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

9:00 - UP: The Christmas Calendar

9:00 - OWN: A Sisterly Christmas

10:00 - HMM: Holly and Ivy

10:00 - Hallmark: Christmas in Tahoe

10:03: Lifetime: An Ice Wine Christmas


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