How to Create a Morning Routine

I must admit that I am a self proclaimed hot mess and recovering people person. Morning routines haven't always been my jam and I usually spent them sleeping in until 10am, or simply waking up early to help someone else. If you haven't already figured this out about me I absolutely love everything that is self help books, growth podcasts, and gaining as much knowledge as possible about growing as a person. When I first starting getting into this I noticed that every person in this space talked about their morning routine. I got curious because I am a sleepy girl. I love sleep more than the average person. It might be my favorite activity. I started doing my research and found that a morning routine is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself and if you are someone who is just dipping their toe in the growth space you NEED to start with a morning routine.

Everyones routine is going to look different. I have adjusted, tweaked, and completely changed my morning routine several times to fit my life and what I want to accomplish. I have tested out other peoples routines for myself and parts of them stuck and other parts weren't for me. It is all about what works for you, your schedule, your goals, and your life. I am going to start by giving y'all the benefits of having a morning routine and then I will run you through what my morning routine looks like almost everyday. (some days it changes based on the time I work that day) Finally, I will tell you the tools that I use to make my morning routine successful.

Benefits of a morning routine:

  1. Prepares you for the day. How you spend your morning is how you set up the rest of your day. If you wake up too late and feel rushed, or lazy, that feeling will stay with you all day. It gets you prepped for the day and gets you in the right frame of mind,

  2. Increases your productivity. It could be something as simple as starting to make your bed every single morning, but that one win every day you wake up gets your brain in a productive state and that follows you all day. You are able to focus more and finish more tasks.

  3. Helps you feel in control. Doing the same thing every morning lets you feel like you're in control of your day even when your to-do list feels super long.

  4. Lower stress. Most people feel stressed because they feel like they don't have enough time in the day to complete everything they need to accomplish. Everyone always says "there aren't enough hours in the day" You have just as many hours a day as Taylor Swift. If she can do it, so can you!

  5. Develop healthy habits. I know how tempting it is to hit the snooze button, or to lay in bed with your phone instead of getting up immediately. These habits waste your time and set you up to feel rushed. The greatest thing I ever did was stop looking at my phone until I was out the door for the day.

  6. Boost your energy levels. A great thing about a morning routine is that it can make you feel energized in the morning. If you really want to feel energized throw in a workout, or meditation.

  7. Improves confidence. When you are calm, collected, and feel like you've accomplished something before even leaving the house you will feel more confident.

  8. Learn to be flexible. This is just the beginning of your schedule. You will have to tweak it, or adjust for certain things occasionally. It helps you become a more flexible person.

Starting a morning routine can be challenging because it can overwhelm you. Maybe you aren't sure what to do in the morning. Maybe your morning routine only consists of three key things and you're questioning if that is even enough. I had someone tell me once that they thought writing down that they take their vitamins everyday was silly because it was small. It is not silly. Write it down. It is part of your routine even if it only takes 3 minutes. I am here to simplify the morning routine for you! Write down everything you want to do in the morning and how long the action would take you. Add up the time and this will tell you what time you need to get up in the morning to have time for all of this. I use my start today planner because it already has this page in there for you!

Mine looks like this:

  1. Gratitude journal and priority planner: 15 minutes

  2. Take vitamins/make bed: 5 minutes

  3. Workout: 30 minutes

  4. Shower: 15 minutes

  5. Work on website: 30 minutes

  6. Get ready for work: 1 hour

  7. Total Time: 2 hours 35 minutes

If I have to be at work by 8:30 that morning I know that I need to wake up at 5:15 that day to make my morning successful. Also you can have any gratitude practice you want. Write down 5-10 things you're grateful for in a journal, or a gratitude meditation. Starting your day with gratitude makes it near impossible to be in a negative headspace. I use the start today gratitude journal that allows me to write down 5 gratitudes and 10 dreams I have. You can find my planner and my gratitude journal here.

I hope this helps you feel more inspired to get your morning routine going and if you have questions you can always post them in the discussion board here.


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