How to Embrace Change

Are you a packrat? No shame, I definitely used to be. Especially with my clothes. I would keep things I hadn't worn in years because "just in case". The things kept piling up and I kept feeling more anxiety. I never realized that clutter could affect your mood so much.

We keep an insane amount of things for sentimental reasons, we may need it someday, or because we simply have a hard time parting with items we have had around for so long. Change is the hardest part of life. It is especially hard to deal with change the older we get. We become comfortable in our lives and the way we live them. We become comfortable in the clutter even if it gives us anxiety. We resist change, complain about change, and even create bigger problems to avoid change. That is what I will always find so ironic. The intensity at which we will avoid change actually creates more anxiety and in the end more change.

I have often wondered at what age we decide that change is scary. When you are a toddler all you know is change. You are constantly growing and learning. Your life changes daily when you're growing up. It is even exciting to anticipate how your life will evolve and change, but at some point we stop being excited and start living in fear of that change. I enlisted the help of someone absolutely wonderful to help with this topic. She is a very dear friend of mine that I have seen go through immense change. She picked up her entire life and moved to a different country. She has dealt with the pain of losing people unexpectedly and learning to adjust to life without them again. She is easily one of the strongest women I know who handles everything life throws at her with such grace that it makes you believe the impossible is possible. So, here is what Dara had to say about making change in life!

Did you get to a point in your life where you started to fear change?

Yes, but change is terrifying. Making a change is starting a new chapter of your life without something from your current reality and sometimes that something is a person, your comfort zone, your job or your hometown. It’s scary to step away from the things we are comfortable with and into things that we know nothing about.

What has been the biggest change in your life so far?

Losing people that I never imagined I would and moving 1000s of miles away from home for the first time. At first, yes, there was a ton of second guessing if I could handle the changes, but after giving myself time to adjust (at least 15 -21 days) I realized I could do it and I focused on all the lessons those people/places taught me and allowed them to help me refocus on my goals and new experiences.

What do you think is the biggest risk in not being open to change in life?

Never growing. You cannot grow into the person you want to be without changing the person you currently are. Most people are settling with the life they have all because they are too scared to grab the life they want. Stop holding yourself back! What’s the worst that could happen? You fail and learn a lesson that makes you more prepared next time, or you succeed and have an amazing experience.

In your opinion, what is the best way to prepare for a big life change?

Not letting other’s opinions sway your decision and not expecting too much. When you expect specific things when going into an unknown era of your life you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Just go into it with open arms and a willingness to go with the flow (and a plan b just in case).

Any other thoughts you have about change that would be beneficial to people who are fearful of life evolving?

Stop focusing on the “what if I fail” and focus on the “what if I succeed.” I know it sounds corny but we constantly talk ourselves out of things because we are so scare to fail that we don’t even try. It's simple: choose to try.


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