Hours Theory: You DO have the time

Hello all! I did an entire series on this on my instagram explaining it in detail here. You can find it in my highlights section if you want to listen to it after this post! I wanted to make a post you could read and also physically see the breakdown. I am going to try to make this quick and easy for you! The premise of the hours theory is that there is one specific excuse every single person uses when it comes to pushing aside their goals/dreams. That excuse is that they do not have the time.

Yes, an excuse. For everyone out there that is getting upset right now and moaning that they really don't have the time. This is especially for you! I am going to show you exactly how you have the time in as much detail as possible. I do not know all of your lives intimately so we are going to do the hours theory based on someone who works a typical 40 hour work week and gets the full 8 hours of sleep at night. (this is on purpose because so many of you don't sleep a full night and say it's because they don't have time)

We are going to start with the basics. We have 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. 7 x 24 = 168. This means that you have 168 hours a week to accomplish all the things you need to accomplish. Every single person on this earth has 168 hours a week to get everything on their to do list done. First we will start by assuming you are getting 8 hours of sleep a night every single day. 8 x 7 = 56. Now take that 56 hours a week that you're sleeping and subtract it from your 168 hours. 168 - 56 = 112. After sleeping 8 hours a night every single night you have 112 hours leftover.

Still with me? I know it can be confusing. So now we are at 112 hours a week. Lets add in our 40 hour work week. 112 - 40 =72. After working 40 hours a week we are left with 72 hours! I know what some of you are thinking; but that doesn't account for the amount of time I am driving to and from work! You are so correct. It does not. For the calculation of commute I am going to assume you travel 1 hour each way. (this is probably not the case for everyone, but then you will be amazed at even more extra time you have!) So thats leaves us with 2 hours of travel for work 5 days a week. 10 hours of commuting a week. You know the drill; 72 - 10 = 62.

Alright, if you are still following along with me then you know we are at 62 hours after sleeping, working, and commuting. Next I had to factor in all of my ladies and the amount of time it takes us to get ready for work. I am going to use 1 hour a day for this. I know for some it takes more and some it takes less. I use about an 1.5 to get ready for work realistically and I factor that into my hours! So we are using 1 hour of getting ready time and that is 5 days a week. 62 - 5 = 57.

Alright. Now we have the exciting part. We have slept 8 hours, worked 40 hours, commuted to work, and factored in getting ready for work. Most of our obligations for the week are done and accounted for. After all of that, you are left with 57 hours a week. I like to factor in my two days off from work here. I get two days off from work and I factor about 12 hours per day that I may be running errands for the house, or doing other things. Maybe you use one of those days as a day you're working towards you dreams, etc. Either way, I factor them out of my week so make even more of an impact. I estimate about 12 hours each day. That is 24 hours. 57 - 24 = 33.

Okay y'all. This is the part that will amaze you because now we are taking those 33 hours that we still have left over after we have done all of our extra things on our days off from work. (note on this below) Take those 33 hours and divide that by the 7 days of the week. 33 / 7 = 4.7. You have approximately 4.7 hours a day to devote solely to yourself, your goals/dreams, or whatever else you need to factor in. that is almost 5 whole hours a day just for you!!!

What is it you're doing during those hours. Something that I have gotten way more intentional with is following my screen time. Every Sunday, if you are an iPhone user, your screen time gets sent to you and gives you how long you averaged on your phone a day. The first time I noticed this was immensely eye opening for me because my average was 6 hours and 36 minutes a day. That is how much time I spent on my phone A DAY!! That is almost 46 hours A WEEK on my phone. That is absolutely insane and obviously where all of my time is going. I have since dropped that immensely, but my original reaction was insane. Imagine how productive I could truly be and how much more I could accomplish if I took those hours I clearly had and channeled them into my goals. I would have the hot summer bod all year round!!

After you have figured out where all of your time is going it comes down to planning. Something I have gotten really, crazy good at is time management. I am wildly intentional with my time and I use it to accomplish the things I want. I schedule out time to take for myself. I make self care a priority into my week. I schedule out time for my relationship weekly. I even schedule exactly when I will work on these articles and when I will spend time on my phone intentionally and when it is just for fun scrolling. Then...I STICK TO THE PLAN. This seems to be the second hardest thing for people. Once you learn how to plan effectively you have to be so disciplined in that plan. It is okay to falter here and there. We are only human, but you have to be able to get back to it the next day and keep pushing forward! Just because you mess up one day doesn't mean it is over.

Note: this one is mainly for my moms. I do not have children so I have no idea how to plan around tiny humans that have school, daycare, activities, etc. I top when I get to the 57 hours and I divide that 57 by 7 days a week. 57 / 7 = 8.1. Which means you have 8 hours a day leftover to plan for your kids and yourself! If you are a mom and would be interested in talking to me about how you plan everything and factor in yourself, your kids things, and even your relationship if that applies let me know! I would love to share it with other moms!


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