Hallmark Christmas Movies Rated

This week I have a very special guest writer. My little sister, Rita, or Alex, whichever you know her as. Full disclosure. It is the week of Black Friday and I work in retail. It was 8:00pm on Thanksgiving and I hadn't prepared anything for the website to be posted on Friday morning. I texted Rita asking for ideas and she took it upon herself to make a Christmas inspired post about our favorite Christmas movie channel; Hallmark (obviously) If you are one of the super sad people that think Hallmark Christmas movies are cliche and sappy our hearts are sad for you. Rita went ahead and gave us a Top Ten list of the best Hallmark Christmas movies and why you should watch them! Here we gooooo...

Hello! My name is Rita and I have two very important titles. One is being Kristin’s little sister. The more important one is being a Hallmark movie connoisseur. Yes, you read that correct – a Hallmark movie connoisseur. I watch them year round. However, for this post, we’re going to focus on the Christmas magic. Hallmark comes out with ALOT of Christmas movies each year and not all of them are top quality. Will I watch all of them? Absolutely. Will I remember all of them? Not entirely.

My sister has tasked me with naming the top ten Christmas movies of years past. I am aware that there are posts out there like this. Some are on here as well, but others might surprise you. They are in no particular order, but the number one spot is my all-time favorite and I will watch this one at any given time throughout the year. In the wise words of Taylor Swift…are you ready for it?

10. Write Before Christmas (2019)

Starring: Chad Michael Murray, Torrey DeVitto, Drew Seeley

Why: You’re probably looking at that cast and, if you were a teenager in the early 2000s, are going “Lucas and Crazy Nanny Carrie in a CHRISTMAS movie?” Yes, I know. It’s weird. It took me a bit to get past that too but the premise is WORTH it, I PROMISE. It’s essentially To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before but age them up and make it Christmas. Torrey DeVitto writes Christmas cards to 5 different people that have changed her life. Throw in a little romance, throw in a couple of side stories to keep the audience guessing, and it creates Christmas magic.

9. Christmas By Starlight (2020)

Starring: Kimberley Sustad, Paul Campbell

Why: When you first hear the premise, it sounds pretty straightforward. He’s part of a big corporation, she’s a lawyer, and she accepts a job from him as long as he promises not to tear down her family’s diner. It’s very Two Weeks Notice meets Christmas. When I tell you, Kimberley Sustad steals the show with every scene that she’s in, their chemistry is believable, and the script is SO GOOD. It just makes you feel good and that is all we want out of a Hallmark Christmas movie. Put this on and you will not be disappointed.

8. Christmas Town (2019)

Starring: Candace Cameron Bure, Tim Rozon, Beth Broderick

Why: Would this list be complete if I didn’t include a movie with the Queen of Hallmark Christmas movies? This is one of my favorites with her. We have Aunt Zelda helping her discover what she wants when she’s stranded in a small town. We have Tim Rozon. If you watched The N growing up, he’s little Tommy Q from Instant Star (too niche?) or you might recognize him as Mutt from this little unknown show Schitt’s Creek. Either way, he’s great and the story is great and it highlights something very important – adoption! Come for the actors, stay for the touching story.

7. Christmas at Pemberley Manor (2018)

Starring: Jessica Lowndes, Michael Rady

Why: Pride & Prejudice retelling but make it Christmas. If you’re like me, the hand flex in the Keira Knightley version of Pride & Prejudice was an awakening for you and you’ve been in love with Mr. Darcy ever since. Enter this movie. Kostas from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants plays tight-laced William Darcy and Jessica Lowndes of the 90210 reboot fame plays our enigmatic Elizabeth Bennett. You’ll have fun pointing out all of the Pride & Prejudice nods, as well as, love seeing the Christmas magic unfold. (Side note: how many times will I write the words “Christmas magic” in this post?)

6. The Nine Lives of Christmas (2014)

Starring: Kimberley Sustad, Brandon Routh

Why: Yes, this is the second movie starring Kimberley Sustad. Listen, she just lights up the screen. Brandon Routh, also known as SUPERMAN to some, is a bachelor firefighter who finds a stray cat. Kimberley Sustad is a vet student who helps him take care of said stray cat. The chemistry between them is so natural. The story is predictable yet in a way that is just so comforting. Plus, this movie FINALLY got a sequel that came out Thanksgiving night. Dare I say it… this movie is pure…CHRISTMAS MAGIC! (Make it a drinking game: take a shot, peppermint vodka would be my choice, every time I use those words).

5. Christmas Everlasting (2018)

Starring: Tatyana Ali, Dondre T. Whitfield, Patti LaBelle, Dennis Haybert

Why: Okay, this one is more serious than any other movie I have recommended, but this is also seriously good. The beginning is very sad but the mystery is worth it. I don’t want to give too much away by giving you guys a synopsis but I will tell you that Tatyana does a great job showcasing emotion and this movie highlights sister relationships. Plus, Patti LaBelle. Need I say more? If you need any MORE convincing, this was also the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie that year so clearly Hallmark also understood that this movie was…wait for it…Christmas MAGIC. (take a shot).

4. The Christmas House (2020)

Starring: Robert Buckley, Ana Ayora, Jonathan Bennett, Brad Harder, Treat Williams, Sharon Lawrence

Why: Reason Number one to watch this movie: first Hallmark movie that has a gay couple (we love representation!!). Reason Number two to watch this movie: Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls and Clay from One Tree Hill have amazing chemistry as brothers. Reason Number three to watch this movie: Three love stories! Count them – THREE. Childhood friends to strangers to lovers, married couple adopting, and a separated couple finding their way back to each other. Get those shots ready because three love stories, amazing chemistry, and turning a whole house into a Christmas wonderland is what I like to call CHRISTMAS MAGIC.

3. A Royal Christmas (2014)

Starring: Lacey Chabert, Stephen Hagan, Jane Seymour

Why: One of the first royal Christmas movies to grace our screens and it’s still one of my all time favorites. Maybe it’s because the couple have already been together a year so their relationship is more believable, maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for an accent, or maybe it’s because this movie just has it all. It has a castle, it has a cute kid, it has a royal BALL. Plus, it has Lacey Chabert and if Candace Cameron Bure is the Queen of Hallmark Christmas, Lacey Chabert is definitely the Princess of Hallmark Christmas.

2. Home for Christmas Day (2017)

Starring: Catherine Bell, Victor Webster, Matreya Fedor

Why: It’s not very often a Hallmark movie can make my jaw drop in surprise but this one DID. I laughed, I cried, I screamed “WHAT” at my TV! Catherine Bell plays a single mom to Matreya Fedor whose dad died overseas when she was a baby. Now Matreya is all grown up and going off to college. However, they live by an Army base and Matreya falls in LOVE quickly with an Army man which freaks out the mom. Throw in a little romance for the mom with a guy who owns the local diner (any Gilmore Girls fans out there?) and you have yourself a merry little Christmas story.

1. A Princess for Christmas (2011)

Starring: Katie McGrath, Sam Heughan

Why: Picture this: Lena Luthor from Supergirl and Jamie Fraser from Outlander fall in love at Christmastime. Yes, you read that right. Katie McGrath, before she quite nailed down her American accent, plays an aunt who is guardian to two lovely children. They visit the children’s grandfather for the holidays and there she meets Prince Ashton played by none other than Jamie Fraser himself, Sam Heughan. Is this the cheesiest Christmas movie? 100%. Do I love it because of how cheesy it is? 100%. This movie WALKED so A Royal Christmas could RUN. This movie will make you cringe at times, but I have watched this movie every year for the last 10 years and it has never disappointed. Please do yourself a favor, hook up Netflix, and WATCH THIS MOVIE!

There you have it folks - The Top Ten Must See Hallmark Christmas movies. It was so hard to narrow it down, but I think I did a pretty good job. What do you think? Did I pick the ones with the most Christmas magic? Sorry, I had to say it one last time! Take a shot and happy movie watching!


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