From smokin' cigs to smokin' hot

I remember knowing people that woke up so early and exercised, worked on their side hustles, or did whatever else made them seem like they were on top of the world. My aunt is actually one of those people. It is incredible really. When we were growing up my cousin and I used to make it our mission to catch her smoking when she had said she quit. Now she is one of the people I admire most because she gets up at 5am and exercises, has an entire morning routine, and has inspired countless other people in her life to get healthier. She has changed her diet completely over the years and looks absolutely amazing.

So, what makes someone go from smoking for so many years with unhealthy eating habits to being the person who inspired me to become one of those people? Mindset. Everything is about mindset. I was going to write a post explaining how I am doing it now, but it made more sense for me to ask my Aunt Kathleen and get her perspective about how the last few years have been for her. Here is what she had to say on how she did it and how you can too!

1. What made you decide to change your habits?

I’m not sure there was any one thing that made me decide to change my habits. I was getting older, had just quit smoking and didn’t want to get fat. So I started 21 Day Fix and kept trying different programs until I found one that really stuck.

2. What was the hardest part of changing your habits?

The hardest part is always getting out of your own head and just doing it. People will say oh I’ll start next Monday. I’m like why, start today. There’s no time like the present time. Nike’s saying “Just do it” is quite simply the perfect way to change your habits. Stop thinking and just start doing.

3. What is your advice for someone who is just beginning to change their habits?

Stop overthinking it. It’s not hard to change your habits. We make it hard on ourselves usually because we’re afraid that we’re gonna fail. But you just have to start. Start with one thing and once that becomes a habit, make another change. No one said you have to do it all at once. Just need to take one step at a time.

4. What has been the most rewarding part?

Feeling better about myself. I’m in the best shape of my life. I’ve never considered myself athletic but it’s such a great feeling when you accomplish something that you didn’t think you could.

5. How do you stay motivated on days you don't feel 100%?

It’s hard to stay motivated sometimes but when you make fitness a part of your life and a priority it becomes easier to stay motivated. And when I feel like my jeans are getting a little snug that adds to my motivation to get back on track.

6. What is your routine and how often does it change?

LOL … I’m not big on change and I’m very much a creature of habit … and lazy so I pretty much do the same thing just about every day. I walk 3 miles almost every morning or evening depending on what’s going on. There’s no money tree in my backyard so I gotta go to work every day. I come home from work and go to the gym. I love that I get to work out with my daughter almost every day. Sometimes we go out afterwards for a little bit of hydration and extra “bicep curls”. But normally I come home, heat up my already prepared dinner because I meal prep on Sundays for the week and chill for the rest of the evening because 5:30 a.m. comes early. Go to bed and repeat. Weekends are a little different obviously since I don’t work on weekends and what we do usually depends on the weather and season, but I always go to the gym in the morning and I always meal prep on Sundays.

7. Biggest advice for people who think they can't do it?

Anybody can do anything. Again, you gotta get out of your head and not let what other people say affect what you know you need to do and want to do.

8. How did you quit smoking?

Quitting smoking was probably the hardest thing I have ever done and could not have done it without the drug Chantix. Miracle drug!! Can’t believe it’s been 11 years and 3 months since I’ve quit.


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