A Trip to Nashville

Hello friends and welcome back. It has been a while since I have posted and I apologize. I am still learning consistency and how to make all things in life work with a balance of fun. This new post is brought to you by none other than my father, Kenny. My mom and dad finally got a chance to come visit me at the beginning of March! I got to take them all around Nashville and to see the city I have grown to love over the last year and a half. It was both equal parts funny and awesome to see the city through their eyes. Here we go, Nashville from the eyes of my dad...

On Christmas day 2021, our daughter, Kristin, gave us a trip to Nashville to visit her. We arrived in Nashville on the last day of February and let me tell you, traffic in Nashville is no joke, it is stop and go with people driving up the shoulder of the road. When we arrived at the hotel we were approached by three guys opening the door for you, you’re like WTF are these guys doing. Who knew it was Valet parking? Am I supposed to tip these guys for something that I can do myself, open my door? I slipped them three dollars to show I was a BIG tipper from Baltimore. As you walk into the hotel there is this door that goes round and round and we’re like “what in the world is this?” We get into this wheel thing, and it starts to move slowly, then it stops, then it starts fast and slings you into the lobby. Once we get into the lobby it is obvious this is no normal hotel that Kim and I stay in. The ceiling was so high, (in hotels we normally stay in there would be three floors in the hotel) To the right of us as you walk in is a fireplace and a seating area. Also, there is a long table for charging your electronic devices, twenty yards from that table is a full bar. We have never stayed in a hotel that had a bar in the lobby, very nice touch. The men in the lobby were wearing suits and the women wearing dresses. Needless to say, Kim and I are in our comfy clothes. While standing in line this lady from the hotel comes up and starts talking to us, that is what her job is, talking to people in line. I’m thinking, damn, I can do that job, sign me up. Once at the front desk, Jeff asked if we had some document to get the family discount. Without this document the room was $535 with taxes. I’m thinking if we can’t find this document Kim and I are off to Motel 8 (they keep the lights on for you). The document was finally found, and the room rate was $133 with taxes. We’re staying!! A huge thank you to Ned for getting us this rate. We get on the elevator and I’m pressing the floor number, and nothing is happening, the light is not even lighting up. We finally figured out that you must put your room key in front of this digital thing and then the elevator starts moving. We get to our room and there is a doorbell, never have we ever been in hotel where you have a doorbell for your room. The view was incredible, you could see most of Nashville. The water was $7 a bottle (figi) and the candy was $10 for a handful. I had to try this figi water (I brought the empty bottle home, for $7 I had to have a souvenir). Note: figi is not better than deer park. I was told it was a smoother water, nope, deer park is smooth and if you want a smooth drink wouldn’t you get yourself a shot of whiskey? When you take a shower you normally close the door, or shower curtain, to keep the cold air out, nope not here. It was just a half glass shower door. I started pressing on the walls, messing with water, and searching on the floor to close the shower door so the cold air won’t come in. I figured it was probably some fancy thing that closes the shower door all the way. I had to call Kim and ask her “How do you close the shower door”? Kim told me that that is the way the shower door is supposed to be. Who showers and doesn’t have a full shower door? The cold air comes in and it’s not a hot shower, it’s a chilly shower.

On the first day we went to Peg Leg Porker’s for lunch, when you pull in there isn’t really much parking and your jammed into the parking lot. Peg Leg’s looks like a dive from the outside, but you know what they say about dives, they have the best food. When you walk in the door, the bar is right there, instead of a hostess, the hostess is the bar – you gotta love this. Peg Leg’s looks like a dive on the inside also, but the food is awesome; best barbequed pork I’ve ever had. If you are ever in Nashville you must go to Peg Leg Porkers. After lunch we headed over the The Country Music Hall of Fame. The Country Music Hall of Fame is pretty cool. Elvis had his Cadillac there. Elvis was ahead of his time because the caddy had a TV, small refrigerator, small bar, and a telephone. There is no way though that you can park that car in a parking lot today, or go through a drive through, the caddy was just too long. There was another car there, but they didn’t say whose it was. It had guns as the door handles; the whole theme of the car was guns. They had a Hew Haw scenery set up, talk about going back in time. There were a lot of the country music artist’s handwritten songs. The women of country music back in the 60’s and 70’s wore short dresses and their waists had to be tiny for them to fit in them. There were some crazy outfits with a lot of beads and glitz and there were so many variations of boots. Definitely would recommend you see the Country Music Hall of Fame. Editors Note: my dad and I couldn't stop laughing cause my mom always goes off on her own and left us to see the rest of the country music hall of fame while we watched a video. She came back telling us facts! Monday night we went to a moonshine tasting. This place had a taco restaurant in it, great idea, because you really need to eat before doing the moonshine tasting. We got a couple of tacos; they were they best tacos I have ever had. At the moonshine tasting, they give you a beer and tell you they will have seven shots of moonshine, it turned out to be nine shots. Kim and I did seven shots of moonshine, they had apple pie, cherry, peach, pickle, coffee, pancake, and a few others. Cherry moonshine tastes like cough medicine, but was good. If you buy the peach moonshine, the fruits were in the mason jar. Can you imagine if you had a peach slice after sitting in the jar for God knows how long? Kim’s favorite moonshine was coffee. The worst tasting moonshine was by far the pancake one. The cost of moonshine tasting was $10, you get a beer, nine shots of moonshine, and a $10 coupon to use there. Before you knew it, security was letting us know that the place has closed, and we needed to leave. That was the best night of sleep Kim and I had in a long time.

On Tuesday, Kristin showed us where she worked (Buckle), and we met her co-workers. Kristin’s co-workers are the nicest people and made Kim and I feel comfortable. The store is so clean and very well organized. When I see my buddies, I usually greet them with Hey Dude, but did you know that Buckle sell these shoes called “Hey Dude”? I tried a couple pairs of Hey Dude’s and I must admit they were comfortable. Only thing I didn’t understand about them was I wear a size nine and in Hey Dude’s I am size seven, still not convinced that this is right, but Kim and I bought a pair of Hey Dude’s. Next, we headed to Johnny Cash’s Museum, I didn’t know what to expect here. Johnny Cash wore some crazy outfits and boots. They had film clips of him playing and they were interesting since they were all in black and white. I didn’t realize that Johnny Cash was in the Air Force and had applied to NSA for a job. There was a letter from NSA to Johnny Cash about the next steps getting hired. After the museum we headed to the bridges and to get there you had to go up these stairs. When you finally got up the stairs you needed either a shot of moonshine, or oxygen. The water under the bridge was so dirty and there were a lot of things floating in it, there is no way anyone would swim in this river. There was a section of the river that turned like a tornado was forming. Still have no idea what that was about. You had a great view of the city and the Titans stadium though! Tuesday night we decided to try the restaurant at the hotel, it was on the 34th floor. It was for the rich, so obviously we went. I may have been under dressed in my sweatpants and tee shirt. Kim said the waiter gave me the look of “what the hell is this guy doing here?" The rich are a different group of people. There was one group; they were loud, drunk and rude. They spilled food on the floor and didn’t even tell the waiter that they had done it. They were there for someone’s birthday party, and they left their trash from the gifts at the table. The waiter was complaining to the others that they were messy, loud, and left a horrible tip. At another table this guy suddenly stands up and starts shadow boxing, he somehow hits himself and falls into the windows and stumbles to get to his feet. Kris and I were cracking up. At the Olive Garden you get salad and bread before your meal, here, you get three cans of French fries standing straight up with three different sauces. It was interesting eating fries with a sauce and not ketchup. A droplet of the sauce fell on the table and the waiter was there in an instant apologizing he wasn’t there sooner, are you kidding me? You had to pay for everything individually, they had one steak there that was $165, that cow better introduce himself to me and let me know his family history before I buy that steak. It was $18 dollars for Kim and Kristin’s drink, my simple rum and coke was only $12, and the rum wasn’t Captain Morgan’s, this rum was smooth and the best rum I’ve ever had. There is nothing on the table, not even salt and pepper. If your water glass gets to half full there was this lady that would fill it up for you. I noticed that no one would say thank you or even talk to her, that all changed with us there. We asked her about herself and how she was doing, we made another friend in Nashville. The waiter was starting to warm up to me and it was just a matter of time before he and I would be buddies. The food arrived and it was without a doubt the best steak I have ever had. No steak sauce, salt or pepper was needed. You just ate it as it was served. When we were done, I stacked the plates up to help the waiter with cleanup and he apologized for being late to get the dirty plates. I told him “I stacked the plates to help you, I’m not mad that it took you some time to get the plates” Now the waiter and I were buddies. When they bring you the bill they give you a bag of caramel popcorn, the popcorn was not on the bill.

On Wednesday we hit the row of bars on Broadway Street. Best part about this was you could walk to the bars from the hotel, thanks again Ned. The bars are smaller than I thought they would be, on TV they look so much bigger. It’s funny that Miranda Lambert is one bar down from Blake Shelton’s. We went to Jason Aldean’s bar and headed to the rooftop where you can eat and drink. When you walk in there is a band playing and I’m thinking, how are we going to be able to hear them if we are on the roof. No worries, there is a band on the roof also. The view from the rooftop is incredible, you can see all the bars and people watch. There was this cop that was on a motorcycle, and he was giving out tickets to people like it was candy, he met his quota for the month in a couple of hours. Right next to Jason Aldean’s bar is Kid Rock’s and his bar has four levels. Kid Rock’s bar seemed to be the bar of choice for most people, that place was packed. You could hear the bands there when our band took a break. Kris said that the bars are mostly people our age during the day (not too old). We went downstairs on the first floor and got burgers to eat, it was $12 for a burger and fries. The burger was a double cheeseburger, that was a nice surprise. When you go out to bars and eat you have to worry about the poop factor, not at Jason Aldean’s, cleanest bathrooms of any bar or restaurant I’ve ever been in. Normally there is one stall in the men’s room of restaurants and bars, not at Jason Aldean’s it was like six stalls. That bathroom was spotless. We tried to get into Blake Shelton’s but that was too crowded. It was now starting to get dark, and the age group was starting to change in the bars, much younger crowd now. We went to Tootsie’s and that place was old and mobbed with people. You couldn’t move on the rooftop; it was time for us to get back to the hotel and relax.

Our trip to Nashville was exciting and we got to see and do a lot of things, buy Hey Dude’s, see where Kris work and meet her fantastic co-workers, eat good food, hit the bars on Broadway Street, and more importantly spend time with Kristin. Thanks so much Kris for showing Mom and me around Nashville, it was a fantastic couple of days.


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