34 years and counting...

Our love story started on a cool breezy Friday evening in October 1983. After many attempts by our families to get us to meet, we finally met at her house on a blind date. When I first saw Kim, I was initially attracted to her by looking into her beautiful green eyes, they were the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. You could literally lose your train of thought looking into her eyes. She also has this softness to her voice; she put you at ease with her soft voice and beautiful smile. Kim was initially attracted to me because of my personality, I would try to make her feel comfortable by making her laugh. On our blind date we went to a movie and after the movie we stopped at McDonald’s to get something to eat. Kim said she didn’t want anything to eat because she wasn’t hungry, but we had met at her house at 5:00pm that evening. At this point it was like 9:00 at night, so I knew she had to be hungry. I got her a burger, fries, and a coke and she probably thought to herself “this is the guy for me, he can read minds because I’m starving” Both Kim and I were not in a serious relationship with anyone when we met, however I was seeing two other girls at the time. It was on a date with one of the girls that I realized I was thinking “I wonder what Kim is doing?” It was at this point I knew Kim was the one for me. Of course, Kim always felt that I was the one for her. We were so YOUNG (22) when we got married and a year and half later, we had our first daughter and it changed everything. I was clueless as what to do with a baby, (I had never seen a baby until Samantha was born) there was very little time for each other with taking care of baby and trying to get our careers started. This was without a doubt our roughest time and our biggest argument in our marriage. I was living the single life while she was at home taking care of a baby, I really wasn’t a good husband. Mostly, I had to step up and be a better husband and father. After many ups and downs, mostly downs, Kim told me if I didn’t shape up she was shipping out with Samantha and not looking back. It was at this time we had a heart-to-heart talk and figured out a routine that would work for both of us. Our marriage is strong now because we worked through the hard times. Our biggest strengths in our marriage are love, respect for each other, and we share the same family values. Plus, it doesn’t hurt we are best friends and like spending time with each other. Communication is so important in a marriage; she tells me what to do and I do it. Communication has never been a problem in our marriage, and now because of the find a friend app we can find one another when we miss a call or text message. (editors note: I think it's hilarious that this is so normal for them that they stalk each other on this app out of boredom) We haven’t really had many arguments (mostly small ones) and they were usually my fault. The biggest strengths in our relationship are that we love each other unconditionally, trust, honesty, respect, and communication. If you don’t have all of those important things in your marriage then your marriage will not work. It’s like if you're making chocolate chip cookies and you leave out the chocolate chips, well, they won’t be worth eating since you’re missing the key ingredient. Just like in marriage, you have to have all the ingredients for it to work. Our advice for other married couples hoping to have a strong marriage would be to remember there are always ebbs and flows in any marriage. You have to trust your spouse and work through the hard times. It’s important to give each other space to do what they enjoy. Also, don’t go to bed angry, and most important, remember what attracted you to each other, remember your vows and why you wanted to get married in the first place. It also helps if you let your spouse think they are in charge.


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